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Welcome to Brasco Enterprises® Global Services

Our Global Services Division (GSD) presents in this website all specialized services we provide worldwide by our top-notch senior professionals, using our own patented software.

The Consumer Service Division (CSD) provides companies feasible solutions and turnkey services for expanding their operations, sales, and presence in emerging markets, with a special focus on Brazil, India, and Russia.

Our Services

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

An entire solution to implement a robust and a consistent Enterprise Risk Management Program.

Risk Analysis

We have a specific methodology to carry out risk analysis, covering a variety array of risks: from cyber risks to physical security. Our methodology consists...

Risk Management

We help you not only to identify your risks and your vulnerable points in your protective systems, but also we lead you to adopt the best...

Insurance Bonus Program

This product is a collaborative program involving our clients, their brokers, their insurers, and our consulting team. The program aims at...

ERM Courses

We provide ERM Courses based on both our renowned methodology:  Parameterized Risk Management Methodology (PRM).

Scenario Analysis

We have local multidisciplinary teams to carry out deep and accurate Scenario Analysis.

Our professionals...

Due Diligence

Our methodology is leveraged by our risk management approach embedded in the traditional due diligence process.

Scenario Follow up

Our consultants at Brasco Enterprises' emerging markets offices are able to produce outstanding reports...

Go-To- Market

Using our inside and outside resources, Brasco Enterprises delivers  unique value proposition to our clients for achieving competitive advantages.


We have the right specialists to help you in a turnaround process. Our interdisciplinary team has the seniority level required to tackle complex turnaround processes.

Merges & Acquisitions

We can support you in M&A processes with our local teams.

We are a multi-practice top-tier consultancy able to guide you through the entire process.

CSD - Consumer Division

We offer a broad turnkey services from A to Z for companies expanding to emerging markets.


“Brasco Enterprises helped us to expand our operations into Brazil, delivering turnkey results.”

Phil Sorurbakhsh, Ph.D.
CEO of Texas OilTech Laboratories

Ready to find out more?

We are able to provide your business with an array of business opportunities, solutions, and remedies.

Ask us about our A-to-Z consulting services.

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